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Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
. chris davis had two as did manny machato, and going deep, now, this home run, i don't know if we're going to hang on this for just a bit, but watch catches it with his cap. and that made espn's top plays last night. and jamie costello talking to r time is being passed down. >> i think we're getting a lot younger. >> all had their orioles gear on and they're excited. >> reporter: the bronze faces of our youth have become fresh again. >> i think the crowd is stoked. >> it's just fun to be here. >> they really believe. >> reporter: the crowd is young. it's excited. >> we have young people like myself and my friend nicole here, and then we have people that are my dad's age hanging out. >> even the old people are coming back around. >> a year ago these two were the only ones in their section, a picture proves it. >> we have a whole section full of families. the orioles learned a lesson, you have fans coming in with the 8-dollar promotion where you would have had empty seats,. >> the fans are coming out of the wood work. >> reporter: the program guy can feel it. >> oh, yeah, much yo
Sep 27, 2012 4:55am EDT
from chris davis and manny machato. and mark reynolds also provided power. watch this. watch lewis, in the hat. that made espn's top place. they remain a half game behind the yankees and a half game up on the a's. it's important that baltimore gets that number one spot because if there is a one game playoff, it will be played here at camden yards. >>> since we're talking about the o's, they are off tonight so we have friendly competition of our own. jamie costello and lauren cook showing off their orioles pride in the hopes you will pick which one is a bigger fan. we want to know which one had a better cheer. you can see deos, weigh in and vote, let us know which one is the favorite. do we have any idea what the standings are. >> i checked last night, i had 7 4%, but please keep the votes coming. a lot of people said he should be spelling out orioles, but i can't knock him. it's good. >> megan is showing her o's spirit again because you have the mug out once again. >> do you watch that mug. >> i wash it every day after the show. it's just gross because my lipstick is on it
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2